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Thread: Just bought an 83, Lots of questions

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    Removed and cleaned out my gas tank today. It was full of rust chunks. I also replaced the fuel filter and changed the hoses on the coolant pipes. I had my buddy send the injectors through his ultra-sonic cleaner. I then put them in carb-cleaner soak. They've been in there for 4 days now. Should be good.

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    Cool...sounds like your on you way to getting her running.

    Gas tank is a bit of a pain to clean out, but worth it.
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    Yeah, it ran before but barely. The gas tank removal and cleaning was easy. I wedged it out from above with a 2x6. I dumped a gallon of orange cleaner in it and filled it with water. I sloshed it around and let it sit for two hours. I drained it, rinsed it out, and dried it out- clean as new.

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