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Thread: Well THAT explains a lot...

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    Well THAT explains a lot...

    I know the reactions will be mixed here, some of you probably still hate my guts. Others might miss me. Others don't know who the hell I am. Anyways, thought I'd give a comeback a shot.

    I'm sure many of you remember the ragequits, the anger fits, sporadic behavior. There's apparently a reason for that I've lived my whole life without knowing: I'm bipolar. Yup. That was a fun stint in a mental asylum... Meds have been out of whack since, lost my job over it, now that I have no less than two companies seriously interested and no shortage of more on the way, I thought I'd share the life improvement with you guys and hopefully bring some positivity back to this place. Not that there's none here, but just that I have some to add to it.

    Double whammy of stigmas there has been the toughest part (as a refresher, I'm an Aspie too, a.k.a. "high functioning autism" or however the hell they're classifying it these days). As soon as the word "bipolar" comes up, everyone thinks "oh, like those serial killers?" ... uhhh... sure... if that makes you feel better somehow... then they catch what they say and I'm on their watch list. It is interesting though how so many famous artists, whether musical or digital or what have you, started because they felt their bipolar meds hindered them. And here I am making art while on them:


    That was purely from memory over a 30-minute timespan. Being "that guy", once I got Egull's "baby pics" (back when she was in Las Vegas under prior ownership), I easily spotted 20 inaccuracies, but for something without any reference material, I'm quite impressed. Especially because they don't even have internet at these asylums. (No, I wasn't joking. Voluntary! But yeah only bars on the windows and 20' fences, the walls are more tile than anything soft).

    Anyways, it's the journey, not the destination:


    All art in cheap-ass mechanical pencils you can buy by the hundreds. It's just my forte.

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    Welcome back Shep!

    Sometimes life knocks you down, but the ones that get up, brush themselves off, and carry on as best as they can deserve a lot of respect in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I've been wondering what happened to you.

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    I deal with mental illness every day myself; I have chronic depression. I wish you well.
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    We all have things that we must deal with. For inspiration look how well MJF is dealing with his problems. I just read his book "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Future". It might help you put things in prospective.
    David Teitelbaum

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    Hey Shep. Haven't seen you on the forums in a while but glad to see you back. Good luck on your employment opportunities!

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    Welcome back !
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    Thanks guys! Sorry for the delay (should I even apologize?), second of two job interviews is today! Loved the first one, second is right around the corner from my first job.

    By the way, for those wondering, no, Raccin Industries isn't dead. Beaten into a coma, maybe, but its recovery is exponential now. Still slow at the moment, but the biggest holdup has been getting the lenses for the side markers / taillights made cheaply. That has now been mostly accomplished pending a few new test pieces that I need to design. If all goes well, we'll have a low-run set of these in an "on demand" fashion even. LED's are taking a bit of a backburner on design until I get the lenses made -- I've made a point to not work at all on the LED boards until I had something tangible on the lenses. Now that I have, this should be easy. More or less, with the ever-changing landscape of which LED's are brightest, it didn't make much sense to go gung-ho on them until as late in the game as possible. That said, given how bright and tiny these bastards are, it should be fairly simple to rig something modular up.

    Oh, and for those that haven't heard about DPI Josh (I've been keeping in touch with him), he's taking a bit of an extended break soon himself. About damn time given I've basically demanded he take a vacation for my entire time knowing him, and he's finally doing it. Vacations are step 1 on the recovery process to workaholics

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    Welcome back!!

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    Welcome back
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    Welcome back
    Whenever I see your screen-name, I can't help but read it as 'lawnmower'.
    1981 DeLorean, heads/cams/exhaust, EFI
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