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Thread: Opinions?

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    You just can't argue with superior logic. I will not even try.

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    Michael, where did you see the blue DMC t-shirt? I prefer a t-shirt to show off my massive guns and huge chest!

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    Polos... getting ready to produce a run...

    Howdy folksÖ itís been a while, but Iím finally getting ready to do a run of this Delorean polo shirt!

    Iíve put some of my designs on tee shirts from and (more recently), but wanted versatile option (car meet, golf course, ďcorporate casualĒ) for car enthusiasts. These vendors donít provide this option, so Iím doing it on my own.

    The high quality, embroidered Delorean graphic is easily recognizable, and the polo shirt is 90% cotton/10% Poly, with 3 buttons, and welt sleeve bands. Iím starting off with a Delorean shirt, but will to expand to other makes over time.

    My projected price is $34/shirt. If you are interested, please contact me with your size, and expected quantity. This DOES NOT commits you to purchasingÖ Iím simply using this info to determine inventory. As soon as the shirts are ready for purchase, Iíll make an announcement, and transactions will be handled on my website. Hoping to gather information over the next two weeks, and have them produced in early August.



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