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Thread: 2018 DeLorean Photo Contest

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    Hey all - thanks for the check-ins! And sorry I didn't check this thread before about the shipping notifications... DaraSue was correct... Square auto-refunds if not shipped by a certain date :\ I hope that didn't piss anyone off too badly.

    Also - *PLEASE* do be CRITICAL (by emailing me, or posting here) about the whole process - contest / ordering / printing / mailing / etc.

    I guarantee that you will NOT offend me or hurt me feelings I just want to make it better next year *IF* people want them again next year.

    *INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE* - if you haven't gotten email from me, please email me again with your mailing address and number of calendars so I can send you an invoice and give you a mailing cost. Thanks
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    Got mine today, looks good. If anybody didn't notice, it has important dates in DeLorean history listed, too. Neat!

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