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Thread: Are you coming to DeLorean Weekend 2017 ? (Oct 5-9)

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    Are you coming to DeLorean Weekend 2017 ? (Oct 5-9)

    Are you coming to DeLorean Weekend 2017 ? (Oct 5-9)

    This is going to be our biggest year yet, with 20 DeLoreans expected from Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho, and the rest of the West Coast.

    About 60 DeLorean Owners and Enthusiasts are expected to attend. Even if you can't bring your car, come along for the fun!

    We have driving tours, a family-style BBQ, and banquet dinners with guest speakers.

    Let us know you're going on our Facebook event page:

    and register at:

    Registration is free! It's going to be a blast! See you there!

    The DeLorean Weekend Team

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    I might be coming to working out some things , who will watch my dogs and feed the my birds ect. also it close to a wedding I have to go it so I gotta get back in time. still thinking on if I want drive my Delorean or another car or just fly in. I do plan on going to DMCNW tech session later in the month that i will be taking the car to show it off to everyone and let them "meet my new Delorean."
    Alex Brooks

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