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Thread: Delorean for sale with custom made electrical system.

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    Delorean for sale with custom made electrical system.

    Check out the electrical system the owner put in this one.

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    Cool. I think I met this couple at Celebration Exotic Car Festival this past April. As we were talking about my car, the gentleman proceeded to tell me that they had one, and some of the details about their car....four that stuck out for me, the custom electric panel, he was a electrical engineer, 30 years of ownership, and that they were thinking of passing the torch. Nice couple.

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    Greaseball sales tactic #3:
    Trash every other DeLorean to build yours up

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    Wow... sure are a bunch of exposed 12V (+) conductive surfaces in that "fire hazard" replacement system.

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    For when the ad disappears

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    I saw this and the guy's an ass. "I totally made the car a million times better, I'm so awesome, see I got this engineering degree that no one had there" then he sells it as-is. The buttons on the steering wheel are HIDEOUS. He states he's an engineer and that's how he was able to pull off this "beauty". Then he proceeds to zip-tie a UNFUSED GROUND to a UNFUSED HOT rail and say it's his skillz. Okay, if you just finished this... why sell it???

    No. Let me smack that ego down. No. Off the high horse, first off that's not even your horse and the farmer is pissed. Second, you are insane. In the bad way. In the way that you discuss geopolitics with your roommate at the insane asylum as if North Korea is really buddies with Chinese Prime Minister "Yao Ming"**. Your engineering degree is meaningless. You have OCD and a fashion sense. What led to this wasn't a doctorate, it was the lack of a proper doctor. Which I will destroy for you in two observations:

    1) Zip tie colors.
    2) Rusty battery terminal.

    You're welcome. Your lack of funds to finish the car to your OCD standards might have led you to sell, but you need help if you think any of this is remotely a good idea.

    ** I legitimately heard this one back in May when I was voluntary. I wish I were kidding...
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    Delorean for sale with custom made electrical system.

    Just brutal.
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    Looks like a neat job with the rewire but you would not want to drop a screwdriver down there. Don't see the reason to use the terminal blocks since they just provide another point of failure. He must have done the rework when the normal fuse blocks were not available.
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