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Thread: OEM radiator ducting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    Me too lol

    Most engines are "warmed up" at 145F, but you want it to be at least 180F for the lubrication system and combustion..., 195F for those with O2 sensors. Most have the fan(s) come on at ~200F, but a stock DeLorean otterstat turns them on at ~220F (according to the gauge, a POS imho. Check this as there are replacements using different values). From here, the fan(s) should keep it below 230F.
    So for a D, !95F to 220F is the "normal" range. >230F is where most indicate excessive heat via gauge/alarm.

    I'd suggest verifying the gauge reading by taking the cap off, warming it up fully, then shooting the coolant in the tank directly with a laser thermometer. If they are close and it has always shows <230F, I wouldn't worry about it...especially since you (two) say you don't have problems at mid-low speeds and that is where the ducts/shrouds are needed - you don't really need fans at high speeds...

    BUT, I'd install the ducts for mid-low speeds, and GP, anyway - Without question if driving in the hotter areas.
    Thanks Ron, I'll perform those temperature checks when I take my D out again. I'm guessing the PO had a mechanic remove it from some kind of minor damage, I installed a 3-row bass/copper Radiator.

    When I first got my car, the original leaked at the regular places we all have seen. Luckily for me I live in the mid-west were the temps are getting close to those perfect driving days here during the fall season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitsyncmaster View Post
    I think the stock otterstat is 96 C on and 88 C off. That would be 204.8 F and 190.4 F
    That's close for a D gauge lol

    Now that the thread is thoroughly hijacked, who can hook Matt up?

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