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Thread: Advice: Buying/Selling cars internationally

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    Advice: Buying/Selling cars internationally

    Since posting my car for sale, I've had 3 international buyers inquire about it.

    Has anyone bought/sold a DeLorean internationally before?

    A. How do you verify ownership without sending a copy of the title (which they can copy and counterfeit)?
    B. How do you send/transfer the Title after sale?
    C. How do you transfer money internationally (i.e. what do you use for escrow)?

    My car is in the United States. I'm very near DMC NW (practically walking distance) so I've considered asking them to act as escrow.

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    Pretty much all answered there. If the buyer is British I can probably help vouch for him, if he isn't I can probably help put you in contact with someone local to them who can help in a similar way. Typically though the buyer should be more worried about the seller, so what would probably help is to find a way of similarly establishing trust in yourself to him. If the buyer is European and/or British then they will be paying by bank transfer, so you'd have his money before handing over the car, and typically they wouldn't be physically present at that point.

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    That is a wealth of information, thank you.

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