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Thread: Fitting driveshafts - couple of questions

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    Fitting driveshafts - couple of questions

    My car failed the inspection, driveshaft boots pretty much destroyed drivers side.
    I got new ones today. Pulled the shaft, ready to fix.
    I remember reading somewhere that the shaft can lock if you donít reinstall it correctly.
    I did marks to orientate it but they have rubbed off.
    If the shims/ double washers were originally between bolts 1-2,3-4,5-6, would it matter if I now have them between 2-3, 4-5,6-1 ?
    Hope that makes sense


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    These are CV joints that should rotate freely at an angle, I've not heard of the axles "locking" nor have I ever marked mine to reinstall as they came off. As long as they're bolted down tight, it shouldn't matter what sequence the holes have or had the washer.
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    The only "locking" concern would be if you strip the joint down to clean and regrease the bearings, races, etc.

    There are two ways that a disassembled CV joint will go back together
    -The super easy way
    -The "this feels like a Cracker Barrel gift shop logic puzzle" way

    If you reassembled the parts the easy way, the joint will not operate correctly
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    Thanks guys for the fast response.
    I'm happy now!
    I really didn't want to refit it, only to find I need to do it all again.

    Happy days

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    If you end up rebuilding the axles in addition to replacing the boots, there is a step by step in this thread, beginning with post 23 and 27.

    As mentioned, the locking up problem is when you don't get the inner and outer races of the joint oriented properly.

    Good luck!

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