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Thread: Huge Collection of NOS and Some NLA Parts

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    Huge Collection of NOS and Some NLA Parts

    For Sale is a compilation of parts I obtained from a DeLorean enthusiast, who in 1983 received them from service department heads at two DeLorean dealerships in the L.A. area, Jerry Goodwin Dodge in Fullerton, and Universal City Imports in North Hollywood. The list is long and everything is NOS or NLA except where noted. Some parts have multiples. Some parts have wear and light scuffs due to storage. Please ask for more detail and pictures. Not listed will be various gaskets, seals, bushings, relays, O rings and other miscellaneous hardware. If interested in any of those, let me know via pm and I'll see if I have any of those bits you may need. If anything is not priced, it means that I have no idea what these are worth, and will have to accept offers. Due to the size of the list, I'll be listing in separate lots on separate days. Just makes it easier and less confusing for me. Shipping will be extra, and I will only hold the part 3 days for payment unless other arrangements are made prior to purchase. I apologize for any mistakes or omissions in this listing.

    #108358 tail lamp R/H $175.00
    #108359 tail lamp L/H $175.00
    #100784 front turn signal (housing only) $15.00ea
    #100439 engine bay courtesy lamp $25.00ea.
    #100438 license plate lamp assy. $10.00
    #100790 red side marker lens $20.00
    #100530 amber door light assy. $15.00ea.
    #100531 red door light assy. $15.00ea.
    #100440 luggage compartment light $10.00
    #101515 high/low headlight $5.00ea.
    #101316 seal beam high $5.00ea

    #108358 tail lamp R/H $175.00
    #108359 tail lamp L/H $175.00
    #100540 interior courtesy lights $15.00ea.

    old style door lock module $ offer

    #106907 ignition coil wire $10.00

    #106804 engine cover release cable $36.00
    #K109268 de-ice recall kit $20.00 ea.
    #108025 front license plate bracket $7.00ea.

    101574 engine cover latch $ offer

    #101489 tail lamp gasket $10.00ea.

    #101964 parking brake cable R/H $60.00
    #101965 parking brake cable L/H $45.00

    #101604 upper speedo cable $25.00ea.
    #101412 lower speedo cable $$40.00ea.

    #105665 wiper arm plus wiper blade $22.00ea.

    #105639 wiper motor $80.00

    #A300010 luggage rack lightly used w/o hardware $150.00

    #K101889 door escutcheons L/H and R/H $50.00
    #W300002 armrest cap narrow black $20.00

    #105183 fuel sender $ offer

    #105869 oil/fuel gauge $120.00

    #100523 fuel filter $8.00ea.
    #100519 fuel accumulator $130.00

    #111209 inertia switch $40.00ea.
    #106116 reverse harness $11.00
    #101064 RPM relay $22.00ea.
    #100814 rheostat $40.00

    #K102443 bosch spark plug silver tip set of six $40.00
    #101054 bulkhead resistor $20.00
    #101055 ignition module ECU $175.00

    #A1000020 door mat driver's side has been in box for 30+ years so backing is a little crunchy $ offer

    I will be listing more parts in the next few days


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    101574 engine cover latch $ offer

    PM sent

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    PM sent

    PM sent

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    Gosh, I kinda just want the NOS tags more than anything

    How much for the NOS wipers only, no arms? (Is there a demand for that?)
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    I hope those boxes are not thrown away after purchase. That spark plug box is neato.
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    S O L D
    license plate lamp
    bulkhead resistor
    R/H L/H escutcheons
    engine cover latch
    R/H L/H tail light lenses
    fuel filters
    fuel accumulator

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    I'll take the courtesy lights if the black tabs are in perfect condition (not broken). Mine dangle from the roof, broken, don't stay in place. :-(

    #100540 interior courtesy lights $15.00ea. --> PM me. info please.
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    Luggage Rack

    I'll take the luggage rack please.

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    fuel sender
    door lock modules
    park brake cables
    RPM relays
    wiper arms and blades
    front signal housings
    luggage rack

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    PM sent.
    - Josh

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