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Thread: DeLorean For Sale @ DMC Midwest

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    DeLorean For Sale @ DMC Midwest

    Posting on behalf of Mike and the Midwest team.

    Interesting auction to watch, started out at 99 cents. Looks it will end up a good deal for someone.

    Ebay Auction 112611005132
    Dave S
    DMC Midwest - retired but helping

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    137 bids????
    VIN 2743, B/A, Frame 2227, engine 2320

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post
    137 bids????
    I bet 130 of those bids were below 10 grand

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    Looks like a great car. Very clean frame. Just $23,556 with 4 hours and 56 minutes to go. The last 2 minutes are when all the real bids come in. Buying on a car on eBay without seeing it can be risky, but in this case coming from DMCMW I'm guessing bidders have a lot more confidence. Interested to see where this lands.
    David Proehl

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    It probably leaves the country. $ is still weak and the bidding is open for international buyers. Most ebay actions only sell inside the USA. And yes, this one being from dmcmw does boost buyers confidence.

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