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Thread: DMCH Headlight Switch Questions.

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    Thanks, Ron! That definitely helps!

    Looking at the unit I have, it is one of the originals. It was also equipped with a 20 amp fuse.

    Attachment 54366

    Now I still have to start tearing my car apart, as well as checking some other boxes at another location for additional DeLorean parts that I have. Including my second switch. But I do not have the black female connector or sockets to graft the switch module assembly into the harness. After searching Google, it looks like a 12 gauge Delphi/GM/Packard 56 type connector. The 6-pin connector looks exactly like the one from the instruction sheet, down to the colors. So I believe that I've found a replacement for what I need. So I'll probably have to hit up eBay for a replacement.

    I've no idea where the orange wire is supposed to connect, and it also seems ill advised to even bother with it. But what I'm getting here is that if I wanted to use that wire, I'd need to have an isolated ground, and an isolated 12V, relay-controlled feed. Which I can only assume has to come from the switched Accessory feed off of the ignition switch. BUT, if I just ignore the wire, the module will still work just fine? It doesn't actually NEED the sense wire to initially energize & maintain the external lighting? Just to open the switch once the Accessory power is terminated?

    Three more quick questions here:
    1. Is there a connector type to use in order to avoid cutting the wiring harness? It looks like Houston decided to go this route to create a locking connection as opposed to the non-locking socket DMC used in order to prevent the wires from slipping out due to the weight of the module because...
    2. Is there any concern with annoying rattling or wire strain if the module is just left loose beind the center console, and not tethered to anything?
    3. Is there a source for a green LED instead of the included blue?

    Again, thank you everyone for all of your help!

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    I have one of the original DMCH units. I had wrote new software for it that maybe de-gliched the problem and also made the light on times programmable. I decided not to sell that new chip for liability reasons. Now was the glitch causing a micro reset? Or was it just the software not filtering (checking that signal many times)?

    Yes I remember it was an orange wire DMCH recommended not be connected to disable the auto off function.

    I also remember that connector used pins that were very tight and it made disconnecting the connector very hard to do.

    I never installed the unit in my car since the original headlight switch still works fine.
    Dave M vin 03572

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