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Thread: Wanted turbo setup or supercharger setup or headers or performance parts

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    Cool Wanted turbo setup or supercharger setup or headers or performance parts

    HI I'm looking for a used turbo setup or parts for a turbo setup, or and supercharger setups or parts or any performance parts or headers ect.
    If you see something 4 sale or on ebay let me know. I'm restoring an 82 DMC left in a field for 5 years. I am honest and not looking to get over on anyone and prefer a safe transaction that protects us both so I will not do wire transfer but prefer paypal payment . Let me know what you find. Just living the dream , happy hunting.

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    I have a set of BAE intake adapters for sale in this thread:

    They are set up for water injection, improved PCV, and have 2 additional 1/8" NPT ports for hobbs switches, MAP sensors, etc.

    I can also send you a CAD file for the cat flange if you want to fabricate your own single turbo exhaust pipes (it's what I did on my setup)
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    PM sent

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