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Thread: Porting and Polishing

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    My heads have been done as well but I am using B280F with heads that were very restrictive in the exhaust ports. On those heads there is a large chunk of aluminum partially blocking the port which can be safely ground away. One day I'll dyno my B280F/efi setup just for kicks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdg3205 View Post
    Does anyone by any chance know what the measurable difference is between stock and port and polished heads with aggressive cams? Are we talking 3 hp? 5 hp? 10 hp........ 0.5 hp?!

    Before I go spending the money i like to know its worth it, but i want this to be the first and last time the heads ever come off 3205 so i figure do it once and do it right or don't do it at all.
    Velocity is a major part of head design. Porting should stop short of upsetting air flow velocity. Without a flow bench and the experience to back it up you could do more harm than good. One of the last years I worked for Ford I went to a two day class with a NASCAR engine builder and a major drag racing engine builder. We bench flowed a 351 Cleveland head and it was quite obvious when things had gone too far and velocity started to drop off.


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