Asking $1,200 for this setup. This is quite a bit less than what I paid for all of these parts together new.

Simulator board for testing ECU

Megasquirt 2 Extra ECU, 3.57 board, loaded with a tune for a stage 2/spec 2 engine configuration. Tune is fuel and idle speed control only. No spark control. Tune does NOT compensate for A/C load changes. Cable for connecting to relay board. USB to serial cable for connecting to laptop.

Megasquirt relay board, configured via jumpers for allowing Megasquirt to control a stock DeLorean idle speed motor.

Renault Z7U intake manifold, with fuel rails, 24 lb/hr Accel brand injectors, two different throttle bodies - Renault, and a Jeep throttle body with adapter plate for mating to intake manifold.

IAT sensor

Stock DeLorean idle speed motor

Fuel pressure regulator

Wiring pigtails for all of the included injectors, sensors, etc.

You would need to get a wideband O2 sensor, and a coolant temperature sensor. I have co-opted these for my LS swap. You will also need to make your own feed and return hoses.

I can include my wiring harness, but I don't recommend so because: 1. It works, but it is NOT pretty. 2. Putting together your own wiring harness will force you to learn how Megasquirt works. I feel that is important, considering you are going to be using a completely custom engine management system.

While I fully expect you to do your own, thorough research, I will be glad to walk you through the basics of installing the EFI system, and the basics of tuning it for your needs.