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Thread: DeLorean meetups at "Lone Pine Mall"?

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    Question DeLorean meetups at "Lone Pine Mall"?

    Hey all...

    With today (Nov. 5th) being another 'special date' from BTTF, it got me thinking that it might be fun to try to get DeLorean owners together to do meetups at "Lone Pine Mall" (Puente Hills Mall) on some of these fun dates.

    But... it depends on whether or not other DeLorean owners are interested and actually show up.

    I'm *NOT* talking about anything major... Literally just a MEETUP! Show up. Say hi. Maybe get some food at Souplantation?


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    I'm going try to head out there tonite if any one else wants to meet up! (BTTF time line 33yr ago was the 1st time travel experiment)
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