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Thread: Award Winning 1982 DeLorean For Sale

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    Award Winning 1982 DeLorean For Sale

    After 16 plus years of trouble free ownership, it is with mixed feelings that I offer my award winning 1982 DeLorean for sale. I Purchased VIN 10921 July 2, 2001 from DeLorean Motor Company, Texas. It was the first refurbished DeLorean that the firm sold. The car had 3150 miles on the odometer when I purchased it and it now has 20,301 miles. As a refurbished car it had all the factory recalls performed and was restored as close as possible to factory new condition. I chose to have an Ellipse AM/FM CD amplifier and Xenon boosted headlights added by DMC, Texas. Stephen Wynne provided me with photos of the car before it was restored and I have photos of the car the day I picked it up in Texas. I paid $30,979 for the car in 2001.

    In June 2010, I drove the car to DMC Midwest and they added the Stage One performance upgrade and performed a general tune-up on the car. They also installed Toby TABS (trailing arm bolts) which I had purchased years earlier. Dave at DMC Midwest tuned the engine to eliminate the "engine idle search” common to DeLoreans on initial start up. The Stage One addition provides a muscle car sound to the engine and also improves gas mileage and horsepower. The cost of the upgrades and service by DMC Midwest was $4806.65.

    I have driven the car to three DeLorean car shows Memphis, Pigeon Forge and Gettysburg. It won first place in the 10,000 to 20,000 mile daily driver competition at Pigeon Forge. I have 16 years of paperwork for the car as well as a copy of the title showing the owner’s name of the car prior to my ownership.

    In 2008, I had the car appraised by an advisory board member to the NADA and the stated replacement value of the car at the time was approximately $42,500. I have used this appraisal to establish a stated value for insurance purposes since that time.

    The car just passed a Virginia inspection. In my area of Virginia, emission testing is not required.

    Listed below are the major features of the car:

    • 1982 model, grey interior, 5 speed, VIN SCEDT26T3CD010921

    • Stage One engine performance upgrade with ceramic coated headers

    • Engine tuneup by DeLorean-Midwest on June 9, 2010, mileage 18,142

    • Hervey three core brass & copper radiator, low amp cooling fan combo

    • Wide angle mirrors by Tom (Poland)

    • Toby TABS installed 6/9/2010

    • P J Grady Hardcore tail light circuit boards

    • P J Grady 6 piston lift set, installed 2/12/2015

    • Louvre bracket, cup holders and A/C vent plugs by Don Steger

    • Cooling system self-bleeder (K101ZDP-A) by Delorean NW

    • Cooper matching tread tires

    • R12 AC system. I add one 12oz. can of R12 every three or four years. Yes at this rate I have many years of R12 available.

    • Trailing arm shield retainers added

    • Hot air dam

    • LED door and AC panel lights

    • K&N air filter

    • Optima yellow top battery with battery cut off switch.

    • DMC Workshop Manual, Parts Manual and Service Bulletins provided with car

    I am sure that there are other additions, which I failed to mention.

    This car has always been garaged during my ownership with the exception of the Delorean car show trips. On those occasions it was under a DeLorean car cover at night.

    Lastly the price, I am asking $42,500 for VIN 10921 and offer it to the DeLorean community before I list it on eBay or consider Barrett-Jackson. While I believe the car to be in excellent condition it is being sold as is with no warranty or guarantee. For international buyers, my home is only 225 miles from The Port of Virginia ( The buyer will receive title to the car once my financial institution has received a wire transfer of funds to my account. I encourage interested buyers to come see the car. For additional information email or call 540-293-8867. You may find information about my car by Googling “Rod Dillman, DeLorean”. The car is located at my home in Troutville VA 24175.

    I have numerous DeLorean related items and collectibles which will be offered to the DeLorean community following the sale of the car.

    Rod Dillman 10921
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    VIN 10921 is still available for a before Christmas purchase!


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    VIN 10921 has been sold. Thanks to all who inquired about the car. After 16.5 years of ownership, I will miss the car but I know that it is time for me to entrust her to a new owner.

    10921 (one last time)

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