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Thread: Central Florida International Auto Show CFIAS

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    I came by to say Hi, nobody was there. oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark w View Post
    I came by to say Hi, nobody was there. oh well.
    Hi Mark. Sorry I missed you. Because the show goes on for 4 days, it is more of a display-only format. I was there on Sunday afternoon with one of my daughters.

    Hopefully you enjoyed the show.

    Every time I display my car, I meet more great car owners. I have friends in another club that displayed the 40s-70s classics. When I delivered my car, I met the owner of the Tumbler. Great guy. He was the owner of the BTTF Time Machine that he sold for a handsome sum and it went to Japan. This Batmobile is his latest project that he had built. Here are a few pics when it arrived:

    So cool.
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