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Thread: Houston parts page comedian???

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    When it says "in stock", is that a joke too?
    .....just kidding. That was mean.
    Btw I like the humor found there.
    Soundkillr was here.

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    I like it. Think you will see that quirky character on any BMW parts software? Just another reason I love the DeLorean marque.

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    lol..thats funny. Que DMCH site going down from increased traffic from folks lookin' for other humorous listings....
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    I don't care for it, but that's just me.
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    I noticed the pop rivet last week. I seriously thought "what's a mom rivet and why do I need that too?.. oh.."

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    Yep. This was very reassuring when I clicked on it.


    Did give me a chuckle though. Which is important when you're dealing with jobs like these...

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