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I just put new tread on 11749 three months back. I soul-searched through all the issues mentioned in this thread (go bigger, go smaller, go different makes/models to match OEM size). In the end, I went with the BFG Radial T/A RWL 245/60/15s on the back and 215/60/14s up front. My main reasons for doing this: I wanted the same tire on front and back (couldn't do the CS3/CS5 as they simply look too different), and didn't want to knock the back down to 225 to get matching fronts/backs. So far, no regrets: I like the bigger tire filling up the front wheel well more, and the RWL grows on me each day.
Got any pics of this setup?

Is your car lowered? Any rubbing issues with the wider fronts?

I might be interested in this setup in the future :-)