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Thread: A different fire extinguisher option

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    A different fire extinguisher option

    Interesting fire extinguisher option on Jay Leno's Garage show. I just saw this video today and
    thought it is worth sharing.

    Anyone have any experience with them? Sounds like a better option to have in our cars.

    Any opinions?

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    I bought one after watching this episode a while ago and have one in my car along with a traditional extinguisher - just incase.
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    Very impressive I'll have to get one! I think one could start fighting a fire from under the car. With the time it takes to open every thing to the engine especially if you have a time machine. Plus being in a panic.

    I already have the Blaze cut suppression system along with the traditional so it's a start.

    Thanks for putting this up!
    Dave B.
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    Looks like a great idea, just don't get it confused with a road flare!!!!!!
    David Teitelbaum

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    I put a Blazecut tube in my engine compartment as a "just in case".
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