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Thread: What tires are you running on??? Its been 8 yrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin 02530 View Post
    195/60/14 Cooper Touring in the front and 235/60/15Cooper Cobras in the rear. Drives great! Tread patterns are not the same but at least the brand is matching.

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    Same here, got them this spring on Amazon for $400 or so. Car handles, rides, stops well so far
    Nick A.

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    I got Toyo extensa on right now. Lasted about 25k miles but wet traction is terrible.

    Changing to general altimaxx Monday

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    I'm running Dean Tire Road Control NW3 195/60/14's in front and BF Goodrich Radial 245/60/15's in the rear. Tread patterns don't match, but they ride very nicely.

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    original Goodyears!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_maxime View Post
    I got Toyo extensa on right now. Lasted about 25k miles but wet traction is terrible.

    Changing to general altimaxx Monday
    im looking at these myself as my current tires are 9 and 10 years old. going with 195s for front, 225s for rear?
    i look forward to hearing what you think of them. the price is nice for these but i dont have any personal experience with the General brand - though reviews are quite positive.

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    Summit Tires (Sure Tire) replied back confirming they don't offer a 235 tire. The matching 225/195 tires are Summit HP Radial Trac II. Although this is a US based tire company the tires are produced in Vietnam.

    I didn't realize Fuzion was actually a Bridgestone company as pointed out by someone else on this thread. Looks like they are made in China for our sizes.

    Uniroyal might still produce their tires in the US and Canada. I forgot all about this brand.

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    im currently debating between purchasing the General Altimaxx or the Bridgestone Fuzion brands

    looking at 195/60/14 and 225/60/15 sizes.

    Fuzions are about $60 cheaper than the Generals shipped to my door
    Fuzions: $247 for all 4
    Generals: $305 for all 4

    Fuzion's wet/snow ratings aren't as good as Generals, nor is their expected treadwear, but as it is, i only avearge ~1000-1500mi/year on the car and dont drive it in the snow at all. only occasionally in the rain (but with my personal driving habits, i try to even avoid that). the car sees combined city/highway speeds, but im not taking hard turns, or driving aggressively with it. simple, relaxing touring drives in nice weather.

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    When my car was with Cameron and Danny at DMC CA they replaced the original tires with a set of Fuzion Touring and I couldn't be happier with them.

    Front: Fuzion Touring 195/60R14
    Rear: Fuzion Touring 225/60R15

    Sure, the rear tire doesn't match the original 235/60R15 size, but it looks great, the size difference is barely noticeable and the tire treads are consistent front and back.

    After researching a lot of tire brands I like these the best. Party because they're a Bridgestone tire and partly because they look good. In my opinion, a lot of tire walls are over-designed with too many patterns, crazy fonts and unnecessary design details. The Fuzion tires are super clean and unfussy. Most of the wall is smooth rubber and the tires have a nice round bulbous look and feel unlike some other brands that feel boxy - especially the front tires.

    It's worth noting that I don't drive my car in rain, ice or snow so I can't comment on how they perform in different weather conditions. All I know is that they're a nice touring tire. Great for dry drives along the coast.

    A few photos of my car from a car show earlier this year in Brisbane CA where you can see the Fusion tires.

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    I like Discount Tire Direct. They currently have Ohtsu tires (A Falken company) in 195 & 225 sizes.

    They have good prices and free shipping.
    Chris Miles

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    $50 AND $70 A TIRE.....
    One tire on my other sports cars cost more than all 4 and then some. I understand price does not equal quality but thats so cheap it kinda worries me.

    I am going to wait till after the holidays and things slow down. Curiously, my father call 3 DMC dealerships and got 3 different answers. He was going to surprise me with new tires but gave up and just told me there was no real answer. He just wants the "best" for the car and thats one area he does not skimp on.
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