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Thread: If you are planning on buying a DeLorean, do it before...

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    Your allowed to cross the border with certain guns. Large magazines and certain types of ammo are not allowed. Handguns are usually not permitted as well. The best thing is declare what you have, and if unsure ask them. My experience is being honest up front is the best thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post
    Conversely, hold on to your money as you will apparently need it for other things
    I knew there was a reason our state "opted out"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdg3205 View Post
    They let you across the border with guns?! That surprises me.
    I always forget I have one with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mluder View Post
    Funny... that's one of the reason the ACA exchanges collapsed in the first place. The state government never fully embraced the ACA. IN addition individual were resistant and neglected to carry insurance. With the pool of customers gone, the providers had no choice but to raise the rates on their customers to cover those fleeing the market. Then it just snowballed as providers started fleeing the market. That said - it's working quite nicely in California because the Government supported it.

    Sad to say they should have went with a single payer system instead of leaving it up to the market to decide.

    ...and now I'm banned for getting political... LOL

    While the interpretation is left up to the admins on this, stating a fact vs. opinion isn't discussing politics per se. But again, this is a private site where we're all subject to the rules and subsequent enforcement as seen fit, and/or created by the admins, owner, etc. Personally, I don't think that discussing politics and/or religion is a problem within society as a whole. We just don't know how to talk about them, and that's the real key to removing the taboos. Because if we cannot analyze them, we cannot come to common grounds on either. But I digress...

    The statements about the failure of the ACA is absolutely true. I'll skip over the speculation as to why the circumstances occurred as that would start to go into the realm of politics, but they did certainly happen and resulted in the system's failure. Participation is key, as is with any insurance policies you have such as auto, life, etc. More premiums are supposed to be paid in than benefits that are paid out, thus the system sustains itself. But you need paying participants for the business models to work, which is why the ACA has had so many problems. The lack of participation with ACA in many states was speculated to have been due to partisan politics, but it was discovered that outright sabotage by at least one corporation across multiple states was directly responsible for it's failure. That however is not speculation, but was a legal court ruling:

    The worst, however, is yet to come with the incessant pork-barreling of the tax reform initiative coming.

    Healthcare prices have shot up, and are about to get much, much worse across the board for all of us no matter which providers we use.

    Wake me when hockey season returns...

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    I may have found a solution. Being that I am in good health with no pre existing conditions, I will most likely be enrolling in a medi share program. Its a Christian orginazation that offers good insurance and (for me anyway), Im looking at about 100 to 150 a month. My wife will have to stay with BCBS because of her issue with her stomach(she can't gain weight), so she is going with a 800.00 month plan with a 5k deductible and 12k out of pocket max. I figure we can get by with around 1000.00 per month which is actually less than we have been paying.

    What really pisses me off about all of this is when I started my business back in 2002, I started buying my own health insurance. I remember it was 137.00 a month. I remember because it was more than I was paying through my time with Mercedes. It went up a little almost every year until the ACA actually took effect, it then went to around 1200 a month, then 1600, then we get the 24k per year notice...what part of that is supposed to be "affordable"?

    We as a nation have developed this mentality that someone else should pay for every little thing that goes wrong. To me, insurance is for life changing money bills. If I get into an accident and have an overnight stay in ICU then insurance keeps me from filing bankruptcy. If however, I break my finger working on my door alignment or catch the flu or need a cavity filled...that is not the responsibility of the government to pay my bill, that's on me.

    I will never forget the exact moment I knew we were in trouble when a receptionist told me she needed to go to the chiropractor for a massage because he neck was stiff. I asked how much something like that costs and she responded "insurance pays for it". I knew we were on a slippery slope to someone better pay for my birth control and backrubs! And now here we are with medical practitioners overcharging and overperscribing because the money supply is endless and we have half the nation wanting a quick pill to fix depression, sad moods, any little bit of pain(and with a slipped disc I know about that but I will not take narcotics because that pain keeps me in check and keeps me from making it worse). We all want to feel 100% and we want it 100% of the time. That's not how we were made. Sad days make you appreciate the good days, the flu keeps your antibodies well trained and ready, pain keeps you from making an injury worse so it can heal.

    Stop subscribing to the notion that someone else should be responsible for your state. I carry insunrance with a high deductible for just that reason. The kicker in all of this is that in 15 years, I have never used my insurance not even once. If I had all the money I have and will pay in premiums right now, I could retire.

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    And yet you reference an article claiming republicans are forcing a tax break designed to illegally kill healthcare. My answer to that could easly be, the healthcare bill was shoved down americas throat without the correct method to vote for it.
    I digress, this is why we can't have these discussions. Everyone views these issues differntly and pretends they have all the answers, and reference of course their argument or news story to back up the claim.

    Fwiw I know several people who can no longer or will no longer afford healthcare and said screw it. I may be next in line to do the same thing. It's a shame I have to work harder for a crappy product I could have gotten 10 years ago at 60% off the current rates....
    Soundkillr was here.

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    Sorry guys, locking this thread. Totally understand the real life implications on what's being discussed here, but not the purpose of this forum.
    Fan of all things DeLorean!

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