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Thread: Very early VIN DMC on eBay possibly VIN 531!!

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    Very early VIN DMC on eBay possibly VIN 531!!

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    It is REALLY an early car, it is advertised as a 1979! The vin is not all there so it is impossible to know just what it is. I would be skeptical of how early it is, since it is an automatic and they were almost non-existant among the very early cars. It is also a grey interior and most of the very early cars were black. Any buyer must be prepared to spend over $20K in parts alone since it is a "sleeper" and hasn't been run in many years so every system will need to be gone over. At least it looks like it is complete and was kept indoors but the pictures are not good enough to be sure of that. It may just have been cleaned up well. BHCC is going to buy it and resell it for $30,000. Whatever it is, it is an early car, it has a gas flap and the straight tail pipes.
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    Looks like it IS 531...

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    Seems pretty rare...

    I have never seen a 1979 Delorean.....A whole 2 years before they were sold....

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    Interesting since it was supposed to have used for crash testing. And fairly driven too.

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    No vin tag in the door. Stitched binnacle. Lack of striker guides in the doors. Looks legitimate. 531 Could be the very first automatic D.

    Curious there are no gear selector marks on the shifter.
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    Wow! I hope someone who realizes what it is, and will restore it correctly buys it.

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    it's already got a BHCC sticker in the window.

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    This one and 537 surfaced briefly at BHCC about 3 years ago. All that has seemed to have happened to this one is that the window surround has been painted and they've thrown away the coolant tank cap for some reason.

    They were asking $12750 back then and $11750 for 537. I wonder if they were bought by the same person?

    EDIT" nevermind - 537 went to England.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    It is also a grey interior and most of the very early cars were black.
    Huh?? Are we looking at the same car? Those pictures certainly look like a black interior to me.

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