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Thread: Barn find in MA

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    If I hadnt gotten mine a couple years ago (for around the same after renting the trailer and truck to haul it home), I'd look at that one. I dont think you'd need another 20k in parts.
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    I bought my barn find In November of 16 completley mechanicaly restored it and by August of 17 drove it on a 1000 mile rode trip. For guys like me buying a running ready to go car is no fun. It's all about perspective. If i wanted to buy another project I would have no issues taking a look at this car for purchase.

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    The series of pictures is somewhat odd. Are they dragging it through that uncut field with a tractor for fun or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    The series of pictures is somewhat odd. Are they dragging it through that uncut field with a tractor for fun or what?
    He looks to have added more pics. To answer your question, that was probably the day he bought it, pulling it out of the barn (which is behind the photographer).

    After seeing the extra pics, I would go and give it some serious consideration if it were closer. That is going to make someone looking for a cheap "fixer upper" very very happy and with all the people who constantly post about wanting something just like this, I'm stupefied that the ad is still up.
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    Yeah, that series of pics wasn't there yesterday. I assumed the trailer pics were from when he bought it, which signals to me to disregard them in terms of current condition. Also might indicate that it didn't run when parked, hence the need for a tractor. Some odd choices there, like the pic of the drill sitting on the louver. I admire their honesty if nothing else.

    I'm not interested in the car and have no stake, just making observations on a slow Friday. I encourage anyone to go check it out for themselves.
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    I spotted this cars a while back in VT and posted it before it went up fit auction. Sold by the original owner's son who was asking $14k before the auctions. Never sold in either auction then apparently purchased by a MA person who is also a mechanic by trade.

    Apparently he purchased it for under $10k, I believe around $7500...yes kicking myself for not buying it and you can kick me when you see me too just as a reminder. Definately sold for under $10k but not sure of the price. It wasn't running so the buyer obviously did some work to it.

    See some history here...

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    Yikes! That doesn't look like it was "stored in a climate controlled garage". From the new pictures, it looks more like it was "abused and abandoned outside". It makes me wonder if the mechanic purchaser is only trying to flip it make a quick buck or did he find some serious issue about restoring it?

    In that case, I would proceed with caution, check the frame /underside throughly, and if possible talk to the original family about its history. Was the left front fender fixed, and is there more body damage? Etc.

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    Any chance this car was submerged at some point? Like flood damaged. There aren't a lot of good pictures of the interior to go by, but that 2nd photo makes me think the leather boot around the shifter as well as some of the carpeting is in funky shape. Agree with Dana about proceeding with caution. Add checking the title to the list of things being examined before buying.
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