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Thread: new housing for dashboard clock

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    new housing for dashboard clock

    Hello everyone,
    I am starting here a new thread to ask you, if there is any interest in
    dashboard clock housings, newly manufactured.
    There was once the question about a housing in the clock thread, but
    I don't know how big the interest is in general.

    So far I did the re-design of the housing and at this point in time I am estimating the cost for a complete new housing
    (existing of: 1 case, 2 time setting pins, 1 green lid with window) about $90-$100 plus shipping.
    My goal for this housing will be the same as for the clock: FFF (Form-Fit-Function) so in the end you
    should be able to use the housing also for the old original clock, since the new housing will be a
    copy of the original one, but newly manufactured (see also attached picture of 3D model).

    So my question is, shall I continue to work on the manufacturing of these parts and do some
    Are there community members interested in spending this amount of money for a case
    and maybe combine it with a new clock to have a new complete replacement clock?
    Cost per case might drop, if manufactured batch numbers are higher than 5 or 10.

    Are you interested?

    Your feedback is appreciated.


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    Absolutely. I was in an purchased one of your first 3 clocks. So I will be one of the first 3 clock housing purchasers lol. Consider me signed up. The community needs these .


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    While I have a spare clock case, what I constantly keep losing are the pins! If this goes through, would you be able to make and sell pins alone? The cases are getting very brittle with age and heat, I am sure there will be many who will be interested in these.
    -----Dan B.

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    Wondering if the green window can be changed for other colors? Blue, or even clear, for example? If so, sign me up for two or three!

    I might be in a small (albeit vocal) minority, but I can't get enough cases. When the DeClock came around last time, I couldn't get one due to not having a case at all, so this will help me when the next guy that uses LED's comes through
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    Yes Id be interested in replacement housin as well.

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    Here comes a brief update on the first prototype of the clock case.
    As you can see on the picture, the remanufactured case and pins match the
    original quite good.
    case and pins.jpg
    The first prototype lid still needs some design rework.
    Most likely I will do this in the beginning of next year...

    After finishing the final design I will post some more pictures.


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