DeLorean Owners, Fans and Enthusiasts,

Today, July 15th is the last day for DCS 2018 Regular Registration.
I'm not sure if this will change at midnight or at 6pm tonight,
since we try to synchronize days with the folks in Europe too, so
if you waited until today, sooner the better is best to register.

As long as we have your attention, there are a few DCS announcements
for today and some that will be coming up very soon. First, we have at
least one BTTF Cast Member that may attend DCS 2018, and we are in
ongoing negotiations with them. We hope to confirm in the next week.

Second, we have an important announcement that we hope to finalize
early this week with Tamir and his DeLorean documentary, so make sure
to check back as early as Monday night or early this week. Tamir will be
meeting with the JZD documentary distribution folks tomorrow morning.

Third, we are trying to finalize details for an additional convention event,
a "skilled driving event" for those driving your DeLoreans to DCS 2018.
We will be taking some "precise" parking lot measurements today,
to make sure we can fit this event in the space we can have it in.

See many of you in August at the Mega Center at Pheasant Run Resort.

Rich W. [for the DCS 2018 Planning Team]