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Thread: - Goodyear Eagle GT sidewall lettering

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    Club(s):   (PNDC) - Goodyear Eagle GT sidewall lettering

    For those who like the look of the 'Goodyear Eagle GT' lettering on the DeLorean Time Machine tires, it looks like these guys make a pretty good product...


    If you're in SoCal, they'll install it with a warranty for another $150.

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    I really like the big white block letter trend going on now in the import scene. I however doubt that no sticker would ever stay on my tires. They have never seen a day without a nice shiny coat of tire dress on them so I'm pretty sure the silicone has saturated the sidewall by now.

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    This looks pretty cool...if I could think of a nice clever thing to put, I might consider it.... like 'Square Tire'
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    I think these might be hit-or-miss depending on the tire design you already have.

    These look OK (apart from the phrase)

    I think these are awfull looking

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