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Thread: My Stewardship of 10439

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    No, haven't opened anything. It's frustrating issue to diagnose because it only happens under certain conditions. That's probably something I can do pretty easily with no downside though.

    I don't want to get into the process of buying a part, waiting for rain, swapping it out, doesn't work, another new part, more rain, etc.

    The car was made into a Stage 2 at DMCMW in 2012 so it's possible some wear components that were changed at the time are starting to age out. Particularly given I drive my car.

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    What coil are you running?
    -----Dan B.

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    Have you checked in the spark plug wells for water intrusion?

    My engine twists my frame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by opethmike View Post
    Have you checked the inside of the distributor cap for condensation?
    It's likely either cap or wires. Maybe even just a loose wire at the cap. You don't need to wait for rain. You probably have a perfectly sufficient garden hose handy.
    Dave S
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