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Thread: Nov. '81. 5 speed trans. 2 -tone interior.

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    Nov. '81. 5 speed trans. 2 -tone interior.

    Unfourtuantely for me, the time has come to sell my car. Between a wife, my work, 2 young boys and a booming business that is about to take the next step I'm left with virtually no time to work on or enjoy a DeLorean right now. I've decided to sell 6770, and become owner-less for the next few years. When the time is right, I will buy another one and relive the dream. So...I'm offering her up to someone who can show her the same amount of love, devotion and passion that I have given her in my roughly 11 years of ownership.
    This is a Nov. '81 build, Manual transmission, originally grey interior. Clean title car, with approximately 16,000 miles on it. When I purchased the car in June of 2007 it had about 12,000 miles on it. I know some previous owners of the car, but there is not much of a story behind it other than I was told it sat in a museum in Maryland for most of it's life. It made it's way to the Chicago area and I bought the car kinda-sorta through Dave at DMC MW way back when.
    Here is a list of all the things I have done to the car in my time with it (although I am probably leaving a few things out). I realize it is an overwhelming list, but I didn't want to leave anything out. Please feel free to PM me with any questions, or concerns, or if you want to suggest that I adjust my price up or down accordingly once you read my list of fixes and upgrades. I've been out of the community (especially this talk forum) for about 2 years now so I'm a bit behind as far as DMC values, etc. My asking price is $44,000. OBO. I will try to post some pictures as I stumble onto them. I should be able to get additional pictures very soon.
    What I have done to the car since 2007 (in no particular order)....

    Outside --

    Replaced driver's door and Rear 1/4. (No major issues...originals showed some rippling, and I wanted them to look top notch).
    Replaced all rub strips with NEW.
    Installed brand NEW factory windshield, and rear view mirror. (2016)
    New windshield wipers and arms installed.
    Replaced all lower valances with NEW.
    Replaced Lower Rock Screen with NEW Stainless version.
    Installed NEW Lower air-dam in front of car.
    Replaced all Front Headlights, turn signals, and brake light assemblies with NEW units.
    Front headlight Buckets blasted and powder-coated Black.
    Replaced front Grill and emblem with NEW.
    Painted front and rear bumper assemblies (May show some slight wear again from use).
    Replaced all outside lights to LED bulbs.
    NEW front horns.
    SEM Trim black used on upper and lower engine covers.
    Support buffer rubbers replaced with New.
    All door and roof seals replaced with New (door seals now show wear/tears as to be expected with use).
    New tires.
    Rims blasted and powder-coated with grey.
    New center caps and lug-nuts.
    Power antenna updated with NEW Aftermarket kit. Powers up into the air when radio is turned on for that great retro look.

    Inside --
    Interior completely gutted. (2016)
    Dynamat installed.
    Seatbelts replaced with NEW including belts and receivers.
    All inside carpeting including wooden and back panels areas replaced with NEW.
    DMC carpeted floor mats are NEW (2016)
    All headliner pieces are Brand NEW (2017) with fiberglass sections from DMC.
    Front and rear speakers replaced with NEW.
    Speaker wires replaced.
    Added a cubby-hole subwoofer, and amp that is located under the passenger seat.
    Replaced stereo unit with more modern cd/mp3 player/usb w/remote (2016).
    Replaced black leather shift boot with NEW. Has SS mounting bracket in the bottom. (Still needs to be installed and adjusted properly.
    New 2 tone interior seat covers. The seats also include my custom Aluminum seatbacks. (Look amazing). All seat metal and hardware was removed, blasted and powder coated in black (Including seat rails as well).
    New 2-tone interior panels throughout the car. Door panels and door carpeting are all brand NEW. Carpeting in the car is a dark grey, door panels are 1/2 grey and 1/2 black. Rear arm rests/speaker covers are also 2 tone as well. All of this work was done by Dave Swingle's upholstery guy at his DMC facility in Chicago (2016).
    Replaced door grab handles and pull straps with NEW.
    Mirror switch replacement is NEW (needs to be installed).
    Convex side mirrors are NEW.
    Dashboard is black and NEW from DMC in 2016.
    Binnacle is black and New in 2016. (Fiberglass run from a member here on the talk forum.)
    All binnacle lights and interior lights inside the car have been converted to LED.
    Glove box has been re-flocked as NEW
    NEW glove box lid.
    A-post covers are NEW with DMC Fiberglass kits (2016)
    Door covers are all NEW vinyl.
    All kneepads were recovered in black.
    Steering wheel canopies replaced with NEW.
    NEW sun-visors with SS mounting hardware.
    Both window regulators replaced with NEW from A-1.
    All climate control knobs replaced with NEW. I currently have no interior fans. (Need to diagnose).
    Bitsyncmaster's LED AC Panel upgrade installed. (This is my favorite upgrade to the entire car). I also have his courtesy light timer installed in the car (needs to be finished, and programmed).
    Door vapor barriers replaced with NEW
    Left and Right Escutcheons are new.
    Center console recovered with NEW kit. Now is black.
    Center arm rest and coin tray re-dyed as black.
    All NEW window switches (Now light up)
    All NEW dummy switches and rear defrost button.
    Matt-aligner installed.
    New Cigar lighter w/ light up ring. (Needs to be installed yet).
    Clock & Shift panel replaced as NEW. Old clock installed as it still works.
    Fuse box replaced as NEW (2017).
    Fuse box/relay metal holding tray/panel blasted and powder-coated as NEW
    Most of the relays have been replaced with Bitsyncmaster's solid state relays. I also installed his solid state RPM/Fuel relay. I also installed his ground buss for the fuse/relay area. Most of the Bosch relays have been upgraded to the purple ones.
    All NEW circuit breakers.
    Installed NEW electric door lock modules and solenoid replacements from Toby at DMC NW. (Not finished yet, still need adjustment). Front lock rod on driver's door is sticking and needs adjustment.
    Installed a NEW rear cargo net.
    Installed a NEW battery and battery cut-off switch.
    Installed NEW battery cables and replaced all grounds on the car.

    Trunk & Engine Bay areas --
    NEW trunk carpeting.
    NEW jack storage cover.
    Installed Shock tower brace from DMC MW.
    Brand NEW (modern) spare tire rubber installed.
    NEW Master cylinder installed. (Bought the good one from PJ Grady).
    NEW fuel fill components and caps.
    NEW Hood Rubber gasket in place.
    NEW hood stops installed.
    Trunk Light fitted with LED.
    Jack was powder coated black.
    Trunk (underside of hood) painted with SEM-Trim black and carpet squares were cleaned and re-glued.
    2nd-hood release cable added.
    New Windshield washer jug installed. Pump inspected.
    Cleaned out fuel tank and replaced fuel pump with new pump/sender module. (2017) - still need to check service bulletin from July-2017 and see if it applies but I have the paperwork on it.
    All engine compartment areas resprayed with SEM-Trim Black.
    Resistor bracket blasted and powder-coated with Black.
    NEW Resistor installed.
    Replaced all vacuum lines with NEW. Blue in color.
    VOD cleaned up. Intake, cylinder heads, etc. painted with manifold paint from POR-15.
    SS Fuel injection lines.
    NEW cap and Rotor, plugs and wires.
    Replaced Coil with NEW.
    Performance Air intake upgrade, and NEW filter.
    Engine mounts are NEW.
    Air box and logo replaced with NEW.
    New radiator and all radiator hoses.
    SS Overflow tank.
    High capacity Radiator fans from Toby at DMC NW.
    New Starter, and 140 amp alternator.
    Grounds throughout the car as needed.
    Stage 1 exhaust upgrade powder-coated with high temp Flat Black. Cats removed.
    Newer water pump and blue silicone hoses.
    NEW belts.

    Suspension/Steering/Performance --
    NEW ss clutch line.
    Center-force clutch (Installed before I bought the car)
    NEW aftermarket brake calipers, pads, rotors, and parking break cables and pads. All painted with manifold grey from por-15.
    Shift linkages/rubber grommets in manual stick shifter.
    Toby Tabs are installed.
    Front Sway bar bushings installed. (Poly)
    Rear Sway bar powder coated BLACK.
    Eibach Springs
    Marty Maier Shock setup. (Installed before I bought it).

    What it needs to be considered finished --
    Note: Most of these repairs are personal preference I guess...
    Small oil drip from car. Dave S. says it's a common seal and not worth fixing until you go in for something else major.
    - Need to see if new fuel pump/sender is affected by the 2017 service bulletin. This is just needs to be running, but my battery is out of it for the winter, car is in storage, etc.
    Finish up Interior work...
    - My fans don't turn on and I didn't get to finish investigating. I had replaced the mode switch kit, as well as an evaporator resistor but I'm guessing it is something simple in the fuse box area.
    -My central door lock module, plungers and lock rods on the driver's door need to be setup and adjusted. Or...a quick fix would be to unhook the front lock rod and leave the power lock option out of the car. My car never had central locking when I got it and I only added it last summer because I thought I would try it. Never had the time to fully adjust or synchronize.
    - Once the locking issue is dealt with, the door panels can go on (for the first time ever), escutcheons put on, grab handles, etc. Everything is sitting here brand NEW, ready to be installed.
    - Other small interior items like cigar lighter, power mirror switch, etc.
    - Courtesy light timer needs to finished. I was working with Dave B. since it wasn't responding well to LEDs, so I think we were going back to regular bulbs and I haven't finished them yet.
    - Shift boot needs to be adjusted. I think the new DMC version could have been longer. It's brand new, but when installed it makes for an overly-tight shift pattern. I was going to take it to a local shop and have the leather lengthened to help it out.
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    Forgot to mention.... Car is located in Mosinee, WI 54455. That is in Central Wisconsin near Wausau. Thanks....

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    The lighting was horrible since the car is in a storage unit...I will try to get some better pictures come spring.
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    Frame Pix

    Hi, Do you have any frame pictures you are able to share please?
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidrap View Post
    Hi, Do you have any frame pictures you are able to share please?
    Thank you!
    You bet. I will upload some tomorrow. Thanks.

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    Frame is in excellent condition. Very minimal rust or epoxy peeling.
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