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Thread: Aftermarket exhaust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rap1404 View Post
    Im definitely thinking about the DPI one because my car is an auto, so it might be loud as hell with the Hervey one. My dilemma is new born baby stuff vs really nice stainless exhaust 😂
    You can always have another baby, you might never get another Delorean ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robmac123 View Post
    You can always have another baby, you might never get another Delorean ;-)

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    From my point of view you have her hooked!

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    Wait for the kid to be 16 and try to take the keys, that's how I got my DeLorean

    Quote Originally Posted by Delorean Industries View Post
    Its worth having [...] no fuel smell.
    To you! Cat-delete exhaust is like a muscle car gathering every time I drive

    It's worth noting there are a number of threads on the subject of best DeLorean exhaust with a significant amount of input and technical knowledge around them. There's a reason DPI exhausts sell like hotcakes. That said, driving a car with an exhaust leak right near the manifolds, I don't know, all it takes is a bit of unburnt fuel and air going the right way to start a fire. (Didn't we see a few of those? Or am I completely bonkers saying that? It's still troublesome nonetheless)

    If you want another set of used manifolds, I do have both sides for sale from my own car. 4,641 miles of use, mostly sitting. Haven't figured out a price for them yet, but they're about $440 each on the DMCH site (123 / 456). That said, I would be more inclined in troubleshooting before making a sale of this dollar amount if all you realistically might need is an $8 gasket from DMCH and some time/effort in a swap.

    If you're trying to fix a problem, an $8 investment is an ideal scenario. If you want more power/performance/look/babes*/stainless from your car, vendor exhausts are the way to go. DPI is my go-to choice, cat-delete is really only for the aroma of a car show. I don't think it affects sound (Josh? Mine's a rather unique setup with the cams and volume from said cams...)

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