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Thread: one nology plug wire

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    one nology plug wire

    does anyone have the number one plug wire in the nology set. .for some reason the connection on the end of mine has corroded.. all the other ones look brand new except this one. and I would like to replace it if possible.. .thanks...

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    Throw them away and get Bosch wires. Those Nology wires are trash. Theres a reason why DMC doesnt promote them anymore.
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    If you want to cover shipping I'll send you a whole set. They are used with about 17k on them and I agree with the previous reply. They are junk and I have no idea why I kept them but I know why I trashed them.

    Research the reviews, and if you still want them let me know.

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    i know

    they were just so expensive.. lol. if you want I will cover shipping Michael. I will most likely eventually get rid of them . but not yet.. thanks..dave..

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