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Thread: Rebuild heads with performance cams

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    It's just that some people have VERY strong opinions and don't mind voicing them. At least everyone is trying to help in their own way. It is ALWAYS up to the reader to take what he can from all of the "noise". Like they say "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"!
    Oh the irony...

    I particularly enjoy how Dave's strategy to avoiding admitting being wrong or giving bad advice is "everyone has opinions, the reader has to sort them out."
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    Well just so you all know Iím doing a full rebuild. I just want to make sure Iím getting it done right, donít want to skimp on anything. Both heads are off already

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    Just to remind you, if you do not use liner locks and turn the crank you MUST install new liner seals. If you are removing the liners anyway then it doesn't matter.
    David Teitelbaum

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    i purchased new liners and pistons from europe. I went with the high compression ratio ones, i need to get shim kit.

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    Get the shims from him also that are the thickest ones available. Yellow colored I think.

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