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Thread: Delorean fire in Orem UT

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaraSue View Post

    (Edit: The guy's parents commented on his FB that he's actually only 22, and supposedly that's why he couldn't insure the cars for the full value.
    That makes NO sense whatsoever.

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    The plot thickens:

    Apparently he was trying to sell the car on eBay claiming that it had been restored at DPI. Josh jumped in to say they never actually worked on it and the work was done with their parts by a third party in Indiana, posted screenshots of him telling the guy to change the ad. Guy claims ad was posted by broker and couldn't be changed but was raised to $100K reserve so that nobody would buy it. Ad is still archived at eBay here:

    Seller posted another ad locally listing it for $75K. I won't link to it b/c it has the guy's personal info but it's still up. Josh doesn't seem incredibly pleased with DPI's name being thrown around by this dude and I foresee some shit going down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    That makes NO sense whatsoever.
    Maybe what they meant was "He couldn't afford the premiums to insure it for full value." Which, I would think someone who could afford a garage full of $30-130K cars could afford to insure them, but I guess everybody has their priorities.

    (Also he mentioned somewhere in the comments that his previous insurance dropped him after the BMW incident. Maybe that had something to do with it. Something tells me whoever he's with now won't buy off on twice being coincidence...)

    (And looking at the pix in the ebay listing, his car looks like it's pretty comparable to mine other than the lower mileage and the polishing kit. Mine's priceless but it's nice to know I could get $70K for it if I were really hard up, LOLOLOLOL...)
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    Y'all are missing the big picture.

    There is someone out there wanting to pay $70k for a DeLorean and now needs one.
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    The car came from Indiana...INDMC (myself, Jason Sharkey, and Rick Vermillion) did the bare minimum to get the car on the road as Daryl wanted to attempt to drive it from Indy to Maryland after only working on it for 3 days. It broke down (unsurprisingly) and was sent to DPI for some repairs, not a restoration. I met the dude and know the car, and I can tell you something doesn’t add up. I’m sure as the investigation continues, we will hear more. I still don’t see how a light rear collision could start a fire like it did... the blame of Rite-Aid is, in my opinion, quite the distraction tactic.
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    Maybe it was the fabled Delorean Pinto?
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    Whoops, I misread Josh's posts, he did say they'd "assisted with minor sorting of items after the fact" in his text screenshots. Curious how Daryl got from that to the $30k worth of restoration work claimed in the ebay copy, unless that was the total he spent on the whole car? He blames the agent for posting wrong info in the listing but cites that same figure in the classified ad that he posted several weeks after the ebay listing ended.

    Kolin, are you at liberty to say what this car sold to Daryl for?

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    I type this with a heavy heart as at the end of the day another car is gone. In the past months I have tirelessly worked to resolve the owners blatant misrepresentation and fraudulent statements of his car as a vehicle fully restored and built by DeLorean Industries. At first this was through open dialog as previously posted explaining the clear issue where the owner admitted fault. When the behavior continued we were forced to escalate to legal means against all parties involved. Despite asserting our rights to protect our companies image and product integrity false ads continued to appear from the owner. At this point due to the scope of exposure associated with his “incident” we have no choice but to seek further action against this individual.

    I am not here to speculate on the owners misfortune or deliberate paths taken out of financial desperation. I am here though to clearly reiterate our disgust with the deliberate misrepresentation and use of my companies name in a manner to gain a financial advantage while selling a DeLorean. We have had to explain to countless buyers and owners that this car is not one of our restorations and or builds. From the outside looking in potential buyers are improperly informed on this being the quality of our offerings.

    Our involvement was simple: A year and a half ago as a favor to the previous owner in Indiana we dropped what we were doing and inspected a few concerns on this car they couldn't get sorted before the new owner wanted to drive cross country. Most of these costs were passed on to the seller not the new owner of the car. We sorted a few minor things ranging from a column bushing to a water pump and upper door seals. This by no means in any book constitutes anything close to a “restoration” being performed. Six months went past with no word again from the owner as he enjoyed the car in Utah. This is when we received the text message attached to this post which was the beginning of the downward false sale spiral and subsequent end to the car. I'll leave it to others to pass judgment on this situation and where it is headed. We are obviously not even being accused of anything and are the accusers in this case. I simply don't want our brand to be associated with sub par cars and will do what ever it takes to make sure our products are not misrepresented.

    IMG_6760 (1).jpg

    At the end of the day the above would have been left unsaid and I would have stayed quiet on this subject despite personal opinions on what happened. If he had simply done as he was asked I wouldn't say a word. It was truly a simple request in the kindest form of cease and desist possible. A friendly message to stop openly acknowledged and then ignored.


    Josh Bengston
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    Hoooolyyyy shit.

    Dude buys a $140k BMW and not health insurance? Like, not to get too close to the politics line but however ridiculously expensive premiums are, if you can afford multiple collector cars you ought to be able to afford health insurance, especially when you're 22. Really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but this story gets worse and worse.

    (I wonder if he had undisclosed mechanical issues with it. Mine was a resurrected barn car too and I had to deal with a rampaging case of block rot. If his only had 8000 miles on it, it probably sat for even longer than mine did.)
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    I think this was his listing...

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