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He got the car from Sharkey and the Indiana group and replacing the old lines with DPI's set was pretty SOP for them, maybe Kolin can chime in with more details.

Back to the video - you can't get a loan for a classic car? That would be news to many in this community, although most of us aren't self-employed 20-somethings.

Also interesting how he talks about "the community" turning its back on him, when nobody actually seems to have known or interacted with him prior to this incident. He certainly wasn't involved in the UT club at all. And maybe the BMW community has a higher douchebag ratio than we do, but I've never seen people in the DeLorean community hate on somebody for being a young owner. Trying to talk prospective owners out of getting in over their head, yeah, but not being a jerk to a new owner just because they're in their 20s. And who was happy to see the dude's car burn up? Most people I saw were pretty bummed about a DeLorean being trashed, even if they thought its owner was a scamming douche.

Best of luck to this dude in his attempt to rebrand himself as some kind of enlightenment guru...
Dara is right. Dude actually came out and was in the shop with us the entire time we went through the car. I personally installed the fuel system on this car (except the accumulator, because eff that noise…someone else did that.) I do know he attempted to drive it to Boston untested, and wound up overheating it in Ohio and took it to DPI, he claimed that Josh “restored” the car, but he did not…merely made it roadworthy again. Guy is a straight pathological liar, and I didn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. But anyway to Dara’s point…yes, it’s SOP for us to replace the ENTIRE fuel system on cars that we flipped.

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