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Thread: Valuation and Future Predictions

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    Yeah. Considering the one in Utah it's down to 5,999 at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris 16409 View Post
    More importantly, that 6000 number left has been thrown around for quite some time now. I'm thinking it's got to be a lower lower by now!!!
    Agreed that the number is nothing more than speculation.

    Going back to those certain kinds of people who want to own the car - the owners I've met, unless they inherited the car, are always passionate about the car. I've never heard someone say, I bought a DeLorean to stick away in hopes that one day it will fetch hundreds of thousands. Those who have the car land in their lap either by a death in the family or otherwise, usually want to fix it up quick to get rid of it fast. The car and its story is not for everyone. I'd imagine those today with an extra $50K laying around would likely rather purchase something newer, faster and more reliable than a sluggish V6 stainless steel car from Canada that is packed full of coke and will leave you stranded at an intersection on the way home, all while the guy who made them is still stuck in jail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dn010 View Post

    There are a few links above.

    Asking this question is like asking, why isn't my Predicta TV set worth more and will it ever be? It takes a certain individual to want to own one, certain patience needed when fixing the car or even when you're out in public with it and certain finances to repair it. Too often there is someone new who comes on all excited that they just bought a DeLorean, they need advice to repair something on it and they're never heard from again, only to see that car's vin again among those cars that have changed hands. Sure, future values upwards of $50-75-100K would be great, but with as you said 6,000 thousand still in existence, how do you achieve getting to that price?
    Thanks for the links, some good info to sift through. I think the main thing holding prices down is the mostly false public assumptions and rumors about it such as unreliability, it's too slow, mechanical nightmare, etc. The public and a lot of "car guys" think they're lemons, and hate on them. Jay Leno hates them and tons of gear heads always try to falsely inform you about DeLoreans and what's wrong with them. (Have you ever noticed how they love to bring up JZD's cocaine scandal, or make cocaine jokes like you haven't heard them?) As we all know, Deloreans can be very reliable once the kinks are worked out, and performance upgrades can be added, and mechanically I think they're pretty easy to work on compared to a lot of cars. So I believe the falsehoods are really driving down prices. It's almost like we need a PR person to take on the gear heads out there who trash on the car.
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    Yeah the 6,000 number is definitely off. I'm sure "x" amount of Deloreans bite the dust every year unfortunately.

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    For what it's worth, here is the latest valuation from Hagerty.

    I consider my car #2 so it's pushing 40K in value vs 27K around 4 years ago. I consider that a pretty big jump if the numbers are actually true. As you can see there is a bit of fluctuation that happened in 2015, perhaps due to the supposed "Back to the Future Day" bubble.

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    If you compare the curves to other classic cars they all follow a similar trend. The #1 cars will go up higher and faster than the lesser condition cars. There will be less and less #1 cars, less #'s of all of them, and it gets more and more expensive to make a car a #1 condition. It also costs the most to maintain a car in #1 condition. Often an owner is not completely honest and exaggerates his car's condition because he is not objective. A #1 condition is virtually a new car. Not many can make that claim. Get the Millennium Concours manual and score your car. Then you will see why a #1 car is worth so much more.
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    Here are updated numbers from Hagerty for May 2018. Valuations took another big jump upwards.

    Since January 2018 (5 months):
    #1 increased 10.4%
    #2 increased 9.9%
    #3 increased 3.3%
    #4 increased 2.5%

    Since May 2017 (1 Year)
    #1 increased 27.6%
    #2 increased 23.8%
    #3 increased 11.7%
    #4 increased 7.3%

    For a car between #1 and #2 condition the valuation since Sept 2006 has almost doubled (26k --> 50k)

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    Mark Dehlinger

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    I bought in Dec 2017, naturally.

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