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Thread: Who is best Insurance provider for Deloreans?

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    Who is best Insurance provider for Deloreans?

    I bought it for half what I think it's worth now after all the repairs, upgrades, etc. I need someone to insure for 40k. What have you found? My current auto insurance can only insure for the amount i purchased the vehicle for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsquall View Post
    I bought it for half what I think it's worth now after all the repairs, upgrades, etc. I need someone to insure for 40k. What have you found? My current auto insurance can only insure for the amount i purchased the vehicle for.
    I am currently with USAA, but am moving over to Heacock since I do not drive the car on a daily basis. They may have an option for driving it daily, but the option I took was driving a few times a week, in case I want to go to a store or to work in it now and then. I have no idea what USAA has it valued as, but I was able to work with Heacock regarding the value. You'll get a whole bunch of responses with a bunch of other companies, so you'll have options.
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    This, I'm afraid, is a pretty complex question without a singular, simple answer. It really comes down to your usage of the vehicle, and what needs you have. I have Grundy for both my DeLorean and for my Lotus Elise. I've adjusted the value on my DMC without any argument from them. Try giving them a call and see if they would be a fit for your needs?
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    Ask your agent if you get an appraisal can your insurer cover that value. I've had hagerty for years for an old car. No claims or anything, but they've been great thus far.

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    I use Grundy...

    • $40,000 stated value.
    • $100,000 liability coverage.
    • No mileage limit.
    • I had to sign an affidavit that the DeLorean was not my daily driver, NOR is it my backup to my daily driver.
    • $254/yr (it was $233 last year.)

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    Use a broker and tell them what coverage you desire. They will find the company for you with the coverage you desire and the rates. Easy as that. “Best” is in the eye of the beholder. The coverage and rates I want may be different from yours.

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    I also have Grundy..

    Have had them for almost 30 years and they have been great.. I have an agreed value of 45k and have never had an issue with a claim or two over the years..

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    This a complex question and the answer varies State to State and also depends on how you use the car. The best way to answer it is to say you should get multiple quotes from at least several qualified companies that specialize in insuring classic collector cars. You may have to get the car appraised depending on how much you try to insure it for. Among the companies are Taylor, Haggarty and Grundy. It is usually a bad idea to insure it with companies that handle daily drivers like Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, etc because they generally will not insure for "Agreed Value" and will instead use things like Blue Book to value the car. For old cars that is not a good way to do it. If you do use it as a daily driver that may be the only way you can insure it though, especially if you don't get collector/historic plates and drive it a limited # of miles per year. Talk to other collector car owners and see what they are doing in your State.
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    If Daryl Kemsley's insurance pays out, I'm switchig to them.

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    My buddy who got his totaled in a wreck got his agreed value payout from State Farm, but he had to threaten them with a lawsuit b/c they were insisting he'd never upped his coverage from $26k to $45k even though he had receipts showing that he had.

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