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Thread: Looking for details about VIN 16411

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    Looking for details about VIN 16411

    Hey guys,

    we have VIN 16411 here in Germany. It looks great from a distance but
    in reality the car is in a very bad condition.

    It has an interesting feature that I'd like to get more details about:

    It has a door opener and closing system installed, also the trunk lid can
    open and close by remote.
    The electronics for it is mounted in the tool box in the front of the car.

    This red painted baby is in a very poor condition, normally not worth to
    be restored. But this is a student project now where the young guys can
    learn to repairs and appreciate a classic car.

    So far I know about this car that is was sold by Beverly Hills Car Club,
    we found "Canada" somewhere and somebody said it was in the Barrett Jackson auction.

    If somebody knows more details - please tell me.

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    I recall the BHCC sale because it had unusual faux quick release wheels, but I completely missed the electronics panel.

    This is the Red Bad Rat ???
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    It's 1 more than 16410.
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    It appears in the Delorean Production Chronology ( One way to get more info would be to create a "Chain of Ownership". You go back Title by Title, owner by owner. It would require searches of the motor vehicle records in each State that the car was Titled in. Time consuming and possibly expensive. The car has the very rare spinner option for the rims! The power openers for the trunk and doors appears to be a one-of custom creation, I have never seen or heard of it. Probably has other mods too. Maybe BHCC can shed more light on it. If the car was sold in Canada it should have the metric stuff like the speedo.
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