Sorry for my english, I'm french haha !

For sale an 82' ASI RADIO (late generation without clock).

It was totally restored and fully functional.

A Built-in bluetooth module with microphon for the call function is include inside the ASI.

With the bluetooth function, you can: listen to music, make phone calls, listen to the GPS, send voice messages with messenger app ... like a new modern Radio !!!

No Knobs, no Faceplate but available on DMC web store for some $.

Important :

The cassette player work but it's the original Belt, I don't know how much longer it will work.

Possibility of sending this unit anywhere in the world !

See a demontration video of the bluetooth module on our Web page :


Price : 700 without shipping

Europe : 25
World : 50

(with trackin number )

PM me on my email if interested ! (deloreanbluetooth@yahoo.com)