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Thread: Time Machine on display

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    Time Machine on display

    I don't know if anyone has posted this car before, but...

    I was visiting family in Branson, MO after Christmas and went to this "movie vehicle" museum just to see if they had a D, and lo-and-behold they did. I'm no expert (not even close), but it wasn't a bad replica. The seat covers looked out of place and the car is an automatic not a manual (like in the movies). It did look like it needed a little TLC. Just fun to see and I thought I'd share it.


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    That's a former early build Videobob car. It was on tv a few years ago as I recall.

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    There is a Deloreans in museums thread here, wonder if it has been mentioned before.

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    Yes, it is there but those are some great photos. Thanks.
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    Bums me out seeing a gas flap hood wasting away there.

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    I never figured out the obsession with gas flap hoods. It's a freaking DeLorean!

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    Gas flap hoods are also grooved. I favor both designs over the flat hood with the stuck on logo.

    With the DMC having so few options it's no surprise people gravitate to nuanced differences. I would argue preferences are not obsessions. I will save that for the overall ownership experience if I must use the word.

    I think BTTF builds are a waste too so seeing perfectly good and rare components on one is twice as distasteful, to me. This particular one looks rough and doesn't even try to be accurate so I really don't see the point, other than to allow people that think it's the A car to stand around and take pictures with it.

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