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Thread: Just curious

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    Just curious

    Doing some routine maintenance on my passenger door. Removed interior panels and found two empty holes (with black sealant) at the bottom front. The door and window all work fine. On other photos from various websites these two holes are also empty with no bolt or screws in them? Should there be something attached here? Just curious...


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    I think those are where the bottom of the OEM window motor bracket attached. Is that a replacement window motor?

    This thread shows a pic of the OEM bracket (post #1, pic #5.)
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    Agreed. Here is my same door before I removed the original window motor. It had the same black RTV.

    I only reused one of the two holes with my A1 replacement motors:

    Afterwards, I just filled in the unused hole with RTV again.

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    I bought my car in Kansas MI in 1990 and a previous owner must have replaced the original power window motor hence the two empty holes. Mystery solved. Thanks guys.

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