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Thread: DeLorean Jack Plates

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    DeLorean Jack Plates

    Well friends here is a collection of reproduction parts you will not likely see offered for sale on this site again. I believe jack plates are the most obscure part on the car. I have never seen jack plates described in any DeLorean Parts or Workshop Manual. I had these custom made from stainless steel (the stock ones are not stainless), by a local machinist. I actually paid for the jigs he used to press them. He sold one production run to a DeLorean firm and I retained the jigs and the small production overrun of jack plates. You may be able to read about this by Googling “Rod Dillman, DeLorean”. The part number created for these plates is 109992. I will sell these six jack plates for $120 plus $7.20 for USPS shipping. I realize no single owner will likely need six jack plates but a DeLorean club may want to poll members and order six to economize on shipping costs. These jack plates are in Troutville VA. If you have questions feel free to email me



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    I will sell these for $15 each, plus actual USPS shipping costs or all six for $85 plus shipping.


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