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Thread: BUYER/SELLER BEWARE: Username "Mattglas"

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    Any updates?
    -----Dan B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dn010 View Post
    Any updates?
    Nothing at all. Derrin R sent me another set of pedals so I have something to work with now.

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    So I don’t really browse the forum much and I just came across this post while at work this morning. Before I get into why this situation happened, I just want to let everyone know that after sharing the link to this thread with my dad he’s realized that he made a mistake. He let me do the pedal box swap and I'm going to ship the automatic box to Josh. I genuinely feel really bad about this whole situation and want to apologize to Josh for letting him get screwed around. If I was able to he would have had these pedals by now. Anyways, here's why this whole situation happened:

    In late 2017, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and start saving up money for an automatic to manual transmission swap due to being unsatisfied with the automatic transmission. I made a post about wanting a manual pedal box which Josh replied to. After some conversation, we settled on $300 USD + he gets my automatic box. He wants the automatic box because he wants to modify it to have a clutch pedal or something along those lines. He also doesn't want to ship to the states because it would cost him too much. Luckily, I have family in Canada and visit them every Christmas. So I just told him to ship them to my grandparent's house in Ontario. He shipped the pedals and told me to get the pedals back to him by spring, which I said no problem.
    I was in Canada from December 20th to January 20th, on the 21st I got home to the States and back to my Delorean. I was going to do the swap right away when I got back home because I still had a few days vacation left from my full-time job, but the weather was 30 degrees Fahrenheit most days and it was snowing on and off. Also, my family's garage was full of renovation supplies because my dad is renovation our guest house, so I wasn't able to work in there. Because of that, I decided to wait a few weeks till the weather got better. On Feb 1, Josh sends me a forum message asking where his pedals are. I didn’t see it for a few days because I don’t really browse the forums on a regular basis. When I did, I told him that I hadn’t done it yet due to the weather, but since the weather was starting to get warmer I’d do it as soon as I had a day off. The following is where things start to go south. Also, for some context, it should be known that I’m currently 18 and my dad bought me my barn find Delorean when I was around 16. Due to those things, he says that he owns me and everything that I own until after college. So that's why he claims that the Delorean is his and why he has total control over what I do.[/INDENT]
    My day off comes and I get to work tearing my car apart. I have the steering column out and all the wires out of the way. I'm working on getting the dash out when my dad gets home. He asks what I’m doing and I tell him thinking he’d just say “cool” and leave, that wasn't the case. I won’t go into to much detail, but basically, he starts yelling at me for quite a bit, takes Josh’s pedals from me, and tell me that I’m incapable of making good decisions and to “Put your fucking car back together”. Apparently, he got so upset because he claims that not doing the entire swap at once will devalue the car. Which doesn't really make sense because I’m never selling this car and the fact that he would be ok with it if I did the whole swap at once. Anyways, I let him know about the deal I made with Josh and he responds with “He can go fuck himself”. Though, after he calms down from his fit, he tells me to give him Josh’s number and that he’ll sort it out. I message Josh my dad's number and eventually, they have a conversation together.
    I’m not really sure of everything that happens in this conversation, but the gist is that my dad went in going to ask for a refund for the manual pedals and came out of it totally convinced that Josh is trying to scam me out of my money. His reasoning is that Josh wanting to put a clutch pedal on an automatic box when he already has a working manual box is, in his words, “Really stupid and obviously fake” and he claimed that Josh was giving him the runaround. He also ends up distrusting Josh more when I mention that I spent $300 USD on the pedals while Josh said it was $300 CAD. (Which I’m not calling Josh out for at all, my dad probably misheard or something.) (This conversation between my dad and I was over text, so I’ll post some screenshots of it below for proof.) Due to my dad’s mistrust, he refuses to let me give Josh any more money (Including shipping fees) and is why my dad was rude and standoffish to him in their second conversation.
    I know even less about the second conversation because my dad didn’t tell me about it. I actually learned about it and the fact that my dad hang up on Josh from the post that started this thread. Basically, what I know is that my dad told Josh to give us a refund and pay the $40 shipping fee or he’s not getting his manual pedals back. Josh said he wouldn't pay shipping and my dad promptly hung up on him. He told me that until Josh pays us he’s not getting his pedals back and that was it.
    That's where the story ends until today when I saw this thread. After my dad read through the thread he realized that he was actually screwing over a legitimate person and probably felt embarrassed. He gave me back Josh’s pedals when I got home from work and I finished taking them out like 30 mins ago. I will definitely ship them either tomorrow or Friday. (With me paying to ship.) Again, I want to apologize for all of this and the disturbance it brought. I would never want to purposely screw people or upset anyone. I was just a really big misunderstanding, kinda.

    Also, if this was too long to read a summary is that my dad power tripped too hard/tried to screw both Josh and me over. After seeing strangers call his son white trash and threaten to exile him from the car community he belongs to, he changes his mind and lets his son fix the situation.

    Here are the screenshots of the text conversation:
    Attachment 55658Attachment 55657Attachment 55659

    Heres a picture of the pedal box I just removed:
    Attachment 55660
    Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Nothing at all. Derrin R sent me another set of pedals so I have something to work with now.
    Oh, I should have read further into this thread. Honestly, I stopped after the first page because I was too embarrassed.

    Although, I can fix this by sending you mine and paying for whatever it costs to send back to Derrin or I can send Derrin my box so he didn't lose anything.

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    Cool, all that's left is for your dad to call and apologize for being a dick.

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    Credit to Matt for stepping up (with details,) apologizing, and making things right.....I respect that.
    VIN 4728 is on standby to have its new exhaust installed, and has lost priority to a kitchen/living room renovation & 60-80 hour work weeks.

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    Man, Mattglas's dad and DeLoreanGirl's mom would make a great couple. Threads like these are a sad illustration of why it's a good idea to wait until you're beholden to no one to buy your dream car. Hope both of these people can get their toxic parents out of a position of authority in their lives ASAP.

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    Yeah all I got was here, it's your car. Then it's not. Does anyone know the definition of "give"?

    However at least the person in question (mattglass) is trying to make things right regardless of what his dad did so I'm sorry for the message I left....please forward it to your father for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Cool, all that's left is for your dad to call and apologize for being a dick.

    The DeLorean community is VERY small. Don't want to burn bridges, especially over what appears to be a big misunderstanding.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    Credit to Matt for stepping up (with details,) apologizing, and making things right.....I respect that.

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