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Thread: Driven (DeLorean Movie)

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    Driven (DeLorean Movie)

    So this image has been floating around the internet for the last couple of weeks already, but what looks like the first official synopsis has been revealed:

    Synopsis: California Ď77: playground of the rich and famous, sun-soaked, sex-crazed and powered by shitloads of Colombian snow.

    Leading the parade: maverick auto-designer John DeLorean (Lee Pace), high-risk gambler and corporate vampire. Blinded by ambition, even if that means selling his soul, DeLorean will stop at nothing to design the ultimate car of the future, a sports car with wings.

    On the outside looking in: DeLoreanís neighbor Jim Hoffman (Jason Sudekis), barely supporting his family while living high-end on the pay of a low-end bullshit artist. Enticed into DeLoreanís inner circle, Jim soon discovers the playboy entrepreneurís life is on the brink of collapse.

    When busted by the feds with a planeload of drugs, Jimís turned snitch by Special Agent Benedict Tisa (Timothy Olyphant). His ultimatum: deliver the head of John DeLorean.
    The true-life sting operation and lurid celebrity scandal, Driven is a turbo-charged tale of ambition, entrapment and betrayal.

    "High-risk gambler, corporate vampire." JZD had his faults, but this sounds absolutely horrendous.

    As I expected, because this film is not officially sanctioned by the DeLorean estate, they got away with making this movie by using Jim Hoffman as the main character, and JZD as a supporting character. It's about the FBI and Hoffman, and a story that's pretty much public domain.

    So there you have it, the first real big DeLorean movie, with a storyline that more than likely views JZD (and our cars) in a negative light.
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    This will not go straight to video, it will go straight to YouTube.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing a trailer for this. It'll give us a better idea of the tone and how they'll be presenting JZD. I'm optimistic about it and hoping it'll get a theatrical release. But more importantly, regardless of distribution, I just hope it's great. The whole true story behind it is too good to be wasted on a crappy film. In any case, this year is gearing up to be pretty DeLorean-heavy in terms of movies. We got Ready Player One coming out next month, this long-awaited movie Driven, Tamir's JZD documentary, Seth Rogen is even directing a movie right now set in the 80s, which will also have a DeLorean in it.

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    Well, it's coming to a theater near you.

    If "near you" happens to be Venice Italy, during the Venice International Film Festival in the first week of September

    (and then a worldwide release)
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