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Thread: DeLorean Go SS Fuel Lines around 1/2 the Cost of DPI Lines?

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    Plenty of owners here running the DeLoreanGO lines with no complaints.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses! Quality on all the parts!
    Thank you ALL for your patience and your tremendous help!

    1982 VIN#10588 Build Date Dec '81

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    I have not bought the DeloreanGO fuel lines specifically, but have done quite a bit of buisiness with them over the last couple of months.
    I highly recommend DeloreanGO to all owners, their customer service and prices are the best you can find for our cars.

    I have a source to make fuel and brake lines inexpensively locally, and it still makes more sense just to go with deloreanGO based on the cost and shipping time.

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    +1 about what Josh said.

    Like it or not, many things come down to money, and the US to Canadian exchange rate plus the costs of shipping and customs charges have made me buying from US vendors a no-go for the most part. DeLoGO seems to offer a much more reasonable exchange rate than my bank or credit card does (the transaction comes to me in Canadian dollars, so what their website says I pay is what shows on my card) and the shipping charges are included when spending at least $150 CAD (which is not difficult).

    I have a complete set of the DPI fuel lines I bought from another owner that didn't install them after changing his mind and going with an EFI set-up. I have not installed them yet, but they are very pretty. Good quality and look spectacular. Having said that, the quality and appearance being very good that is, they are expensive. So you get what you pay for. The DPI set are as high a quality as there appear to be in options, but they have a price tag to match. When you add to the purchase price what I mentioned about the extra costs for Canadians, I can't justify buying many of those types of parts or kits. It's just too much money when compared (fairly) to other options.

    That sucks, but so does life sometimes. And I suspect if the majority of our NAFTA agreements keep going in the direction of the shitter that they are, it will only get worse. You can thank your MAGA mindset for that one.

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    I've got a DPI set on my car and absolutely love them.
    Barry Floyd
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    Josh installed his stainless fuel injection lines on my car no issue what so ever. I would recommend all of his parts. Josh carries great products. Most of all he truly cares about his customers.
    Remember : Being cool isn't cheap, and being cheap isn't cool. Your car is an investment. Substandard parts will show their quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeLoreanGo Arran View Post
    Our lines are made in the UK, we have all 13 lines, with various colouring options on the various different lines. Currently working on the photography of the latest versions, but the base kit is here, for now:

    We do also stock a lower priced set of the 9 top lines in black coated stainless, these are Chinese made from DeLorean Europe, not our product. Our British made version is DOT, ADR and TÜV certified and carries a lifetime warranty on all 13 lines.
    Still carry a lifetime warranty?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpudMurphy View Post
    Still carry a lifetime warranty?
    Hi Kevin, yes, every line in the British made DeLorean Go fuel line kit as linked above carries a manufacturer's lifetime warranty (obviously limited to the lines themselves, and subject to fair use and correct installation).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC-81 View Post
    I have a couple lines from DeLoreanGo (the ones made in the UK, supplied by Julian) and they are top notch quality.
    I bought 2 more lines from DeLoreanGo so now I'll have all 13: DMC's 9 piece set, and the 4 remaining ones from them. Being a stickler for details, I wanted to share what I did to make the 2 sets match.

    I first installed black heat shrink tubing on the DeloreanGo bare braided Stainless Steel return fuel line (102359SS, the one made in the U.K). I did the same to the supply line that is already installed. I bought this return line a while ago and the M12 banjo AN fitting on the return line had a blue anodized finish (as they are aluminum). I see that now they are a black anodized finish. ( )

    I opted to strip the blue finish off by bathing the fitting in oven cleaner for about 15 minutes. At this stage it looked great, but still had a blueish tinge:
    Before PVC:

    After PVC:

    Next, I carefully sanded the rest of the anodized finish off with 320, then 1,000 grit sandpaper. Then I polished the area with a small dremel mounted buffing wheel and rubbing compound. Final step was a hand polish with Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish.
    Here is a close up of the fitting:

    So, the 3 remaining braided stainless steel fuel lines are ready to install...the return line, the long FV line (102400) and the short FV line (102395). All are sheathed in black heat shrink PVC tubing to match the rest of my set.

    These DeLoreanGo UK sourced fuel lines look top notch.
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