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Thread: Does this look like a former DeLorean to you?

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    Does this look like a former DeLorean to you?

    Supposedly the remains of 05123 on iaai, presumably from the CA fires

    but that looks more like a mustang to me?

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    Doesn't look wide enough.

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    Round headlights? Doesn't look DeLoreanish to me.

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    We've seen enough burned DeLoreans to know what they look like. Maybe someone tried their hand at insurance fraud? All it takes is buying a set of VIN plates since there are no other matching numbers on the car.


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    I agree (not a D). Those look like round headlights, and if those are the headlights then the engine is in the wrong place too. Would help if there were more pictures.

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    Looks like a metal front bumper, engine remnants under hood, way to much metal on the top of the fender adjacent to the hood line, at the rear it looks like a metal door jamb, and the list goes on.

    I'm going to guess an old Fiat or Lancia
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    that front bumper has the same shape my 73 Opel Manta
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    Is that a body bag?
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    Let's not forget the engine is on the wrong half of the car...
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    Looks like wrong photo was uploaded to the listing is all. Number in photo doesn't match the URL.

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