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Thread: Eurofest logistics

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    Eurofest logistics

    So it just hit me that there's another Eurofest (hopefully) in three years, and maybe it's not too early to start planning.

    Did any of your take your car over there for the last one? In the previous thread someone mentioned that it was $1500 to ship each way and took 6 weeks. Does anybody have a recommended (or not-recommended) shipper? Did you have to transport the car to the east coast separately or did the shipper include getting it from your house to the boat? Was there any paperwork you had to do to be able to drive it in the UK? Did it have to sit for a while in customs? How far in advance did you have to book transport?

    I want to try and go if I can get the time off work. (Maybe mental health leave if necessary, LOL.) I've heard some rumors that the current owner of the old factory wants to demolish the test track so this might be our last chance to go home again...

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    That sounds like a fun idea. Go for it!

    We attended Eurofest 2017 but the D stayed in Calif. so sorry to say I can only tell you what to expect if you leave yours home.

    Nobody from NorthAm took a car with them that I know of. But lots of D's have been shipped to the UK and probably a few direct to Ireland from here so you should get some input from forum members who've learned from that. Anybody?

    Back to Eurofest: It's a blast to see the cars on the old track. Even if you don't bring your own stainless you might be lucky and be able to ride shotgun in a fellow owner's D for a few laps like I did (thanks again, Klaus!). It's really a thrill.

    There were over 90 D's there and it was mighty impressive. The organizers provided a luxo-bus to transport attendees without DeLoreans to each of the event venues, including the test track. The bus caravans along with the DeLoreans so there are good photo ops of all the Ds en route. And no need for us Yanks to deal with driving on the left side of the Irish roads...

    We'd like to go back. Hope to see you there in '21.
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