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Thread: De-ice covers

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    De-ice covers


    Just wanted to show my latest addition to my car.
    I never liked the original de-ice cover for the throttle spool. For me it just didn't look right being off center and black.
    I've also made a second cover that protects the A/C compressor. I've had some corrosion of the clutch from the water coming in through the vents. Now my A/C compressor clutch should stay dry
    The black writing was laser etched - it will not come off and dirt will not stick to it.
    I know that my engine needs some cleaning up... I just don't have the time right now.

    Of course it's 304 Enjoy!
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    I love it! Making more to sell??
    Patrick C.
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    DE-ice covers

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick C View Post
    I love it! Making more to sell??
    Agreed. Make more and count me in on a purchase.

    Looks much better.

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    Looks great!

    If you ever decide to sell sets, I'll definitely buy one.

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    definitely interested in the compressor cover!
    VIN 4502

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    I agree. Very nice! Great idea in the compressor cover.

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    Although I live in an area where ice is rare, I too would be interested in a pair of these covers, if for nothing else but aesthetics (if the price were right).

    Your Y-pipe/intake/heads are painted? Interesting!

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    Very nice work! Agreed on how the original shape deice cover doesn't look quite right when it's off centre like it is. I like the look of yours more than the one that's out there that contours around the W pipe shape.

    Add me to the list of who would be interested if you went ahead and offered this kind of thing for sale!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMC-81 View Post
    I agree. Very nice! Great idea in the compressor cover.
    I second this. If you are gonna sell these I would buy one too.
    Alex Brooks

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