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Thread: De-ice covers

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    I would take a compressor cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen View Post
    Although I live in an area where ice is rare, I too would be interested in a pair of these covers, if for nothing else but aesthetics (if the price were right).

    Your Y-pipe/intake/heads are painted? Interesting!

    The covers are more than for ice only. I don't plan on driving my car in the winter (that's what winter beaters are for) but occasional rain might happen. As I've said in the first post, that has caused some rust on the A/C clutch and that is why I decided to make that cover. I don't like rust

    The entire engine is painted. Every part of it including the exhaust manifolds, cross-over pipe and the catalytic converter. Only the muffler and the oil pan are not painted. The block is silver while valve covers, intake manifold and water pump are hmm... orangy kinda color... Let me just say that the guy at the paint shop must have been color blind. I asked for clean copper color and this is what I got. Didn't make sense to strip it so he just gave me a very good price.
    The exhaust manifolds are black. Cross-over pipe and catalytic converter are also wrapped to keep the heat inside.

    Thank you for all the kind words. I appreciate it! The covers were hand made in my spare time. If I was to actually make them for sale I would have to think about streamlining the process and maybe outsource some of the work. So, here's a question to all you interested: What would be a good price? I'll see what I can do.
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    I would pay 80 USD for the set.
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    I would pay up to $180 for a set.

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