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Thread: DeLorean Bicycle?

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    DeLorean Bicycle?

    Never knew this existed until I stumbled upon this on ebay:

    Seems they have a website for the "officially licensed" bike, although any link I click doesn't seem to do anything:
    -----Dan B.

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    I'm guessing they didn't sell any
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    I remember that thread now, I had forgotten all about it and I even did a search! Oh well.
    -----Dan B.

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    $1,000 for some parts to a bike with some Delorean stickers on it. Alrighty.

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    I remember those things. I believe tbe bike was like 5k(maybe more?). The thing is it's a stainless frame. If its so great then why is there not one stainless framed bike on the pro teams? Most are carbon fiber or ti. I get that it was a lightweight bike with top components but for 5k you are asking for a lot of faith from the guy who has plenty of choices.

    In short, people who spend that kind of money on a bike are at the top of their game where weight is measured in grams. On the other side of the spectrum we have the average cyclists who will at most spend 2 to3 k on a bike. (I spent $1,200) At that price point, it just never had an audience.

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    i was really into bicycles at some point and had over 15 grand invested on 2 bikes. Of the 4 roadbikes i have owned all of them have been stolen so i got out of the hobby. I will admit for a roadbike if you are racing you want carbon, but a solid steel frame is very enjoyable to ride, THAT BEING SAID those bikes looks very nice but this is proof we can throw stickers on something and try to sell it for more. Where my campy parts for that price?

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